A Fire Island Summer

By: Ariel Sinclair
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As the flowers begin to bloom and the weather gets warmer, we start the fling of Spring and Summer. Gone are the heavy coats, scarves and mittens. IT’s time to embrace the pastels, flip-flops and sunscreen.
The seasons turn as we begin to plan our vacations, getaways and parties. For the past 28 years, I have spent my Summer at the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove, Fire Island. I can still remember coming to Cherry Grove for the first time and instantly being enchanted by its magic. To this day, I feel the splendor and love that the island gives.

I highly suggest making your plans for vacation out, or even just a day trip to experience it for yourself. The Ice Palace & Grove Hotel is known to fill up very quickly, especially as the season gets into July and August. You can make your reservations at www.icepalaceresort.com.

There are always shows going on and there is plenty of other fun to be had around The Grove. I host the legendary Pool Show at 3pm at the Ice Palace, as well as bingo shows there on Monday at 5pm and on Tuesday at the Island Mermaid in Ocean Beach at 9pm, a mere water taxi ride from the Grove, which is always an event itself.

While in Cherry Grove, grab a delicious slice of pizza at the iconic Cherry Grove Pizza, one of the many fabulous places you can grab a bite to eat while hopping around.
You’ll definitely make some new friends, maybe a few rivals and maybe, if you’re lucky, fall in love on the beach under the stars… or just drink until you pass out. But just make sure you don’t miss that last ferry! www.sayvilleferry.com

Come find me in the Grove and say hi! Let’s have some fun! Happy Summer 2022

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About Ariel Sinclair 1 Article
Ariel Sinclair is a powerhouse of a performer, who entertains with an immense amount of creativity! She was Born and raised in Bellerose Queens. Look for her all over long island, nyc, fire island and more. If you ever have the time to stop by lips on the weekend, you will see her as she will be the host for the evening. Celebrating 28 seasons In Cherry Grove this summer and counting. She also has a long list of titles and awards. Some of them are; two Time Miss Long Island, two time Entertainer of the Year and Miss Fire Island.

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