lizard lounge long island NY

Lizard Lounge

The lizard lounge is over 20 years young. The location is know for its many events going on daily. The locations main focuse is around being a all in one destination for fun. Kind of like a more adult Dave and Busters. The environment fosters a welcoming inclusive environment. so you gays can come and stop in anytime. if you are looking for gay inclusive events click here for upcoming events.

Things to do at the lizard lounge are plentiful as I said. karaoke is featured every day Monday threw Saturday. If your not into singing there are all kinds of gaming systems at the bar that you can use. The game selections are impressive to say the least! Sports are not left out the location features sports viewing events as well with its may screens so you can always see your favorite events.

Lastly the lights, screens and projections are well done. The whole place has videos up. you can even see the person singing in some of the screens. its amazing what they do and we highly recommend you stop in!

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